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5 Steps to Starting a Website

Step 1 - Domain Name

Find a Domain Name and register your name.  Your domain name makes you legit.  Point your marketing material to your website at your domain name.  Create your email address at your domain name.

Step 2 - Web Hosting

Find a website hosting plan that is best for you.  A hosting plan that supports one website is a great start.  Many people end up registering several domain names, and creating websites for each domain which requires hosting for several sites.  Look at our options and select the plan that is right for you.

Step 3 - Build your website

You can build it yourself using free, easy to use tools, like WordPress.  You could optionally have us create your website for you. Need a blog? We can do that for you too.

Step 4 - Security

If you are accepting payment, or any other information from your customers then you need to think about security.  We offer a robust line of security options.

Step 5 - Marketing Tools

OK, you now have your website up and running, but how will you get the word out.  We can help you market your website and start build that customer base.  Take a look at marketing options for your website.

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Web Hosting

"I used to own an ISP (you remember, when you found a local company for your dial-up access, that was me). I used to offer dial-up, DSL, web design, web hosting, email, the whole shebang. I was the first company in my area to offer 56K dial-up access, so now you know, I've been doing this for a long time.

Now I recommend Tufinz to all of my customers needing a place to host their website.."


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What people are saying

  • These guys are awesome.  Easy to use, robust, and at the right price.
  • Bailed us out by fixing our broken site. Made tweaks to our site that look awesome.
    Orangevale CofC
  • Wow, I never thought that I could get it done, but then "Bam", it was done, and it looks great!
    Home Blessers

Personal Domain Names

What's a Personal Domain?

A personal domain is a web address that allows you to direct people to any existing web page or site. So instead of telling customers or friends to find you on Facebook, LinkedIn or wherever, tell them to go to, for example, and it will take them right to your social media page.

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